How to develop the perfect mascara

Mascara is a staple in almost every makeup bag. Mascara enhances the eyes and is essential for an everyday look. The final touch for the makeup look is often mascara.

It can be a bit of a jungle deciding which type of mascara you want to create. There are many opportunities and ways to go.

But first thing first, what effect do you want your mascara to give? Are you going for long lashes or a lot of volumes? When you know if your mascara is for volume, length, curling, or defining, will it be easier to find the right wand for your mascara. 

The wand or brush head comes in different shapes and materials and will give a different result when the mascara is applied.

4 different brush types for mascara

Traditional Brush
If you dream of a curled look with a lot of volume, the traditional brush is a great choice. The shape and bristles make the mascara ideal for fully covering the lashes and giving maximum volume.

Hourglass-shaped Brush
This brush head is perfect for a wide-eyed mascara look. The hourglass shape makes it easy to cover the inner and outer lashes and build up the volume from root to tip. The bristle shape makes the application clump-free.  

Skinny Brush
If you want separate and defined lashes, choose a skinny brush. The brush will give a natural look and make the lashes look longer without clumping. This one will be a great choice if you have short lashes.

Plastic Bristle Brush
A brush with plastic bristles is more flexible and will therefore apply mascara on every lash and give a clump-free and separated look. This brush applies the mascara quickly and evenly to the lashes.

The right formula and effect

Now the right brush is found, it is time to find the formula.

The texture of the formula differs from waterproof and regular mascara. It is a personal preference whatever you like your mascara formula to be thick or light.
There are pros and cons and, it will depend on which formula and effect you want.

Waterproof mascara
Waterproof mascara is a good choice if you want a mascara that will stay on all day and if you have naturally watery eyes. The formula is thicker, and it will hold the curl better than regular mascara. The downside of waterproof mascara is that it can be hard to take off. Waterproof mascara will require an oil-based eye makeup remover.

Regular mascara
The Regular mascara is the perfect mascara for everyday use. You can use regular mascara every day and easily remove it without breaking or harming the lashes. The formula is lighter and softer than waterproof mascara, and the regular mascara is less drying for the eyelashes. If you prefer the regular mascara but want to avoid the panda look, can you choose to create a smudge-proof version?