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We develop innovative makeup and color cosmetics by applying the latest technologies and being in front of the latest trends. We adapt products to consumers, producing and creating products and brands with great success. Thanks to our passion for the development and creation of cosmetic brands, we can provide the complete branding experience from the concept to original formulas, through to packaging and even the launch strategy.

Be visionary and follow the growing trend to certify your makeup collection, there is much beauty talk about clean makeup and what that really means. We are specialists in the development of color cosmetics that are kind to the skin and can help you navigate this modern landscape to find the balance between professional product and healthy living.

We use the best natural organic ingredients as well as the most innovative synthetic raw materials, which allows us to define each product or a complete series. Every item can be created to suit a wide variety of skin types, with their own unique color. We perform all the necessary testing and the entire production is subjected to a gold standard quality control in our laboratory. The possibilities are numerous, let us help you make your makeup make sense!

We develop products and formulations according to Danish and European cosmetics legislation.


We have no limits!


We have a large selection of mascaras available to offer modern and innovative solutions to creating lashes with length, definition, separation, curl and more. Choose from our mascara menu of formula options – including waterproof, no clumping, even spread, easy application and so on – to types of wand and shapes of the primary packaging.


It’s all about the glow and blusher is a major part of the glow-getting process. All our blushers have their own individual qualities to match different complexions and needs, we can advise on the best format and color to meet your brief – powder, cream, gel or stain. The quest for glow continues with bronzers, we have options on formulas and finishes and can supply shimmer, matte, sheer powders or liquids.


Everything you need for eyes we can produce, package and deliver. Whether you’re looking for pressed powders, cream shadows, loose pigments, liquid or stick shadows. Likewise for eyeliners, choose from liquid, felt-tip, gel or cream, pencil and shadow in a variety of primary packaging. An extensive color range and certification is all part of the offering.


With the rise of the insta-brow this category has blossomed considerably. While big brows are on trend there’s also call for products that create a more natural look, so we supply the necessary brow makeup and tools to create both. Discover brow pencils, sculptors, pomades, powders, markers and gels in a wide variety of shades.


Discover our foundations suitable for all skin types, with light through to more concentrated coverage. We have water or oil based liquid formulas, mineral powders and sticks, then there’s tinted moisturizers, BB and CC creams… we’ve literally got it all covered!


Target the needs of your primer or create the ultimate multitasking product to set makeup, boost glow, minimize pores, refine texture and so much more. We can infuse formulas with our best natural ingredients or draw from the latest technologies. Dream skin is only our R&D lab away!

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We create nail polish to help in the creation of a signature look and to express personality. Choose from a wide range of textures, shine and finish, and a broad spectrum of shades that we add to all the time. If you are after cream, chrome, matte, glitter, gel, holographic, neon, foil, pearl, then look no further!


We cover the complete lip category and have a wide selection of lipsticks, chubbies, lipliners and gorgeous glosses, in a variety of textures – sheer, semi-matte, cream, satin and more. Lip colors should be chosen with the greatest care, let us advise on the latest shades and those that will work for your target audience. Natural lip balms that moisturize, provide comfort and care while being perfectly tinted are also available.


Outside is as
important as inside

Make sure you give the same detailed attention to your packaging as you do for the formula. The success of your new product will depend on both elements. We make tailor-made solutions. This means we create exactly what you’ve imagined, or we can supply design concepts created specifically to meet your individual brief. Always completely unique to you.

Products can be expressed in various ways. We have a multitude of specific solutions with your choice of:

  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Printing
  • Pump / Spray
  • Lid
  • Design / Artwork
  • And many other specific solutions.

We know how to create a modern classic as well as having our fingers on the pulse of the trends for now and for the future. We have a large selection of organic packaging and are certification specialists. In collaboration with you, we choose and produce just the right packaging in relation to content, quantity and required delivery time.




Certified MAKEUP is possible!!

We produce cosmetics that are allergy and environmentally friendly
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