Baby care

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Private label baby care products for the little ones

At SixFive Beauty Group, we can create baby-friendly care products for both mother and child. We have a wide selection of experience in products for before and after the birth.

When developing products for children and babies, it is important that special consideration has been given to the ingredients and formulation. We therefore work with natural and gentle formulations, which ensure that your products can live up to the high requirements on the market.

Many people want care products for babies to be gentle and without perfume. We therefore offer several certifications such as asthma allergy, Nordic Ecolabel and allergy certified. We can advise and guide you so that you get the right certifications that suit your product wishes.


we have no limits!


When it comes to baby care products, it is important that they are gentle. If you want to develop a shampoo for babies, we have the right skills to solve the task.


We can develop mild and gentle bath soaps which are suitable for children and babies. With good formulations and care for the skin, SixFive Beauty Group can help you develop your baby series.
If you want certifications on your products, we are ready to help and guide you in finding the right ones.


For the care and protection of baby skin, a gentle lotion is a good choice. When developing care products for children and babies, it is important that special attention is paid to the formulation. We have a wide range of skills in developing special formulations that are both nurturing and can be certified.


A must have in a baby care selection is a baby oil.
The oil can be applied to the whole body and helps keeping the skin moisturized and soft. Baby oil can also be dripped into the bath water to prevent the skin from drying out.


Extra care for the pregnant belly is alpha omega. We can therefore offer a wide selection of skills and guide you through the process. Among other things, we can help develop your next body balm, which may become the next favorite product for pregnant women.


Do you need certified products?

We make special formulations that meet the certification criteria.
We have many years of experience within the requirements for the various certifications.

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