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Give your home or office a scent of wellness and success

Experts in home care
and home fragrance

We have over two decades of experience in developing and manufacturing beautifully looking and wonderfully smelling fragranced products for the home, office or store environment.

We develop all types of home fragrance, from scented candles to room sprays and diffusers, and always strive for excellence in development, taking great pride in delivering products within the latest trends.

We have the right know-how to create high performance products and are masters of working with a variety of materials. For candles we can create your ideal wax mix matched to the perfect wick to create the most gorgeous scented throw.

For fragrance we work with Master Perfumers for just the right olfactory experience or type of scent. With our knowledge on the latest trends we can create concepts and ideas for you or work to bring your individual brief to life as directed by you, ensuring your product is truly unique.


We have no limits!


We can create a variety of fragrance diffusers so that you can choose the right one to match your individual project. Classic reed diffusers with unique fragrances can be created to enhance the ambience of different rooms. Modern aroma diffusers that are beautifully designed can be made to release subtly scented vapours via essential fragrance oils infused in a scented mist.


We believe the fragrance you use in your home should be as evocative and of similar quality to the scent you would choose to wear on your skin. That’s why we work with both new and upcoming fragrance designers and Master perfumers to ensure a unique and original fragrance creation. Delicious fragrance is infused into each and every one of our wide range of room sprays.


Creating candles is an artform, the simplicity of wax-wick-fragrance is deceptive, each must be compatible with the other. With our breadth of experience we know how to coax these elements into high performance and enchanting products. We can guide you to the perfect wax for your project – all natural or part natural, soy or beeswax, or your own custom blend. We create pillar candles, votives, tealights, dinner candles and different sizes of filled container candles.


Outside is as
importaNT as inside

Make sure you give the same attention to detail to your packaging as you do for the formula. The success of your new product will depend on both elements. We make tailor-made solutions. This means we create exactly what you’ve imagined, or we can supply design concepts created specifically to meet your individual brief. Always completely unique to you. Products can be expressed in various ways. We have a multitude of specific solutions with your choice of
  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Printing
  • Pump
  • Lid Design / Artwork
We know how to create a modern classic as well as having our fingers on the pulse of the trends for now and for the future. We have a large selection of organic packaging and are certification specialists. In collaboration with you, we choose and produce just the right packaging in relation to content, quantity and required delivery time.
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