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We think creatively and craft creatively.

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care products

We pride ourselves in having little or no restrictions in what we manufacture. With over 20 years of experience we say ‘we can’ with confidence. If you can imagine it, we can produce it.

Need inspiration? Peruse our extensive hair care product range and ask us what our R&D team is currently developing – they’re working on new formulations every single day. We work with all types of certifications and can advise on what will best suit your project.

We strive for the ultimate and best quality for every product, whether shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, dry shampoo, specialist products for individual needs, and much more. We do hair from A to Z – concept designs, formulation development, manufacture, guidance, and produce primary and secondary packaging. So there’s plenty of opportunity to create a complete customized piece, which… we can also launch for you.

Products can be expressed in various ways, with your choice of:

  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Printing
  • Pumps / Sprays / Other
  • Lid
  • Design / Artwork
  • And many other specific solutions

We have no limits!


Alongside our women’s range, we also have specialist formulas for baby, children and men. We cover all hair types – such as normal, fine, thick or dry, and for all hair colors including grey. Whatever the target – to repair damaged hair, treat an oily scalp, or to protect from the sun, there is an organic, sun, eco or Argan shampoo to meet individual needs.


A wonder-fix in between washes. This increasingly popular and versatile product keeps just-styled hair looking fresh, breathes new life into dull hair, adds extra texture, and helps to absorb excess oil, grease and dirt. Tinted and scented available.

Our caring, calming and repairing conditioner range offers something for everyone no matter what the hair type or condition – and formulas are created with the needs of women, men, children and baby in mind. We also supply unique organic formulas with certifications for those who like to take a more natural approach.

We can create everything you can imagine and more: all types of fixing and styling sprays, richly foaming but lightweight mousses, just-perfect powders. Dive into our saltwater sprays and hair sprays, then there’s our boosting, matt, volumizing or shiny powders. And that’s just the beginning.

Make every day a good hair day by treating tresses with protecting products that curb flyaway hair, define luxury curls, or nourish the poker straight. Send bad hair days packing with our range of restorative formulas designed to get to the root of the matter!
We love nothing better than creating all types of textures which add to the overall experience and sensory appeal of our products. Discover our many varieties of textures in the form of wax, clay, paste, mud, gel, pomades and more.

Outside is as
importatn as inside

Make sure you give the same detailed attention to your packaging as you do for the formula. The success of your new product will depend on both elements. We make tailor-made solutions. This means we create exactly what you’ve imagined, or we can supply design concepts created specifically to meet your individual brief. Always completely unique to you.

Products can be expressed in various ways. We have a multitude of specific solutions with your choice of:

  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Printing
  • Pump / Spray
  • Lid
  • Design / Artwork
  • And many other specific solutions.

We know how to create a modern classic as well as having our fingers on the pulse of the trends for now and for the future. We have a large selection of organic packaging and are certification specialists. In collaboration with you, we choose and produce just the right packaging in relation to content, quantity and required delivery time.



Do you want certified products?

We are specialists in making certified formulations.
We work closely with the various providers within Certifications.

Our knowledge gets your product moving.

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