Personal Fragrance & Novelties

Personal Fragrance & Novelties, Cosmeetics for Tatoos, Displays, Dispensers & Gift Boxes

Experts in fragrance and other
special products

Whatever your vision for fragrance products we can bring it to life exactly to match the brief, or we can create your initial fragrance concepts which include the olfactive signature – or how the end fragrance will smell.

Our fragrance directors and perfumers are experts in creating fragrance, using top quality natural ingredients – organic available – alongside the latest innovation in synthetic materials. Let us create the fragrance for your project and deliver a truly unique signature scent. Our most popular dosages are eau de toilette, eau de parfum and parfum, while aftershave, eau fraiche, eau de cologne are also available.

While your unique fragrance is being developed and submissions submitted to you for approval, we can source and supply the perfect bottle and box, plus create a complete ready-to-launch brand for you.

SixFive Beauty Group has no restrictions about what can be produced, that’s why our ‘novelties’ section is so diverse. We love to develop specialist products and work on innovative briefs. If you’re looking for anything from gift boxes, displays and dispensers to cosmetics for tattoos, or any other oddities, we can assist and find your perfect solution.

We look forward to being your trusted partner.


We have no limits!


The lighter way to wear scent and designed to be refreshed over the day. Our EDTs generally contain 2-4% fragrance oil and are designed to last for approximately two hours. We can create your bespoke mix of ingredients to ensure an original fragrance composition.


The strength that’s in between an EDT and perfume, a very popular dosage of 15-20% fragrance oil. This style of fragrance typically lasts five to eight hours. As ‘genderfluid’ fragrance becomes more sought after by consumers, we can help you understand this type of signature to strike a balance between what it means to create a masculine, feminine or genderfluid fragrance.


The most concentrated of all the options, delivering a rich and enchanting fragrance experience through 20-30% fragrance oil. The aim of the fragrance composition is to have a scent that lasts for up to 24 hours in one application, with lasting ‘silage’ or fragrance trail that’s memorable and statement. Let us help you navigate the fragrance families to create a single captivating scent or a complete fragrance collection.


We design, create and source gift boxes, plus displays for products and dispensers to be the perfect support for your product or product collection. We can provide ideas as part of a concept to help realize your vision.


Our expert R&D team has developed a product that covers tattoos and skilfully blends with skin color to give a seamless look. The product is waterproof and available in many different tones. This unique formulation cleverly hides tattoos giving 100% coverage.
Our experts has also developed products to give tattoos just the correct nutrition for the color to last longer and skin to look healthy.


Outside is as important
as inside

Make sure you give the same attention to detail to your packaging as you do for the formula. The success of your new product will depend on both elements. We make tailor-made solutions. This means we create exactly what you’ve imagined, or we can supply design concepts created specifically to meet your individual brief. Always completely unique to you. Products can be expressed in various ways. We have a multitude of specific solutions with your choice of
  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Printing
  • Pump
  • Lid
  • Design / Artwork
We know how to create a modern classic as well as having our fingers on the pulse of the trends for now and for the future. We have a large selection of organic packaging and are certification specialists. In collaboration with you, we choose and produce just the right packaging in relation to content, quantity and required delivery time.
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