Development and production of wax products

Effective hair removal with wax.

Create an effective and painless waxing experience for your customers with your own private label hair removal wax.

At SixFive, we develop both wax beans and heaters. So, whatever you want a complete package or would like to expand your wax assortment, we are ready to help you.

We are with you all the way and help with everything from the development of form, concept and packaging.


we have no limits!


The small round wax beans are easy and painless to use when waxing legs. We can produce wax beans in exactly the colors and scents you want. If you are looking for natural wax beans, we can also develop varieties without perfume.


Are you looking for a good quality heater that can heat wax beans? We can produce wax heaters that suits your brand and your wishes. All our wax heaters have temperature settings, so we ensure that the wax is heated to the right temperature.


To be able to apply the hot wax in difficult places, such as the face or armpit, spartlers is a good tool. We produce wood spartlers that can be adapted to your brand.


Do you need certified products?

We make special formulations that meet the certification criteria.
We have many years of experience within the requirements for the various certifications.

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