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We think creatively and craft creatively.

Always with a quality, luxury touch.

Experts in bath &
shower products

We develop and produce all types of bath and shower products – oils, washes, gels, scrubs, bath foams and so much more.

Our R&D team love to experiment with different textures so that we have both a range of classic bath and shower products, plus new innovations that add surprise and delight to the bathing experience.

We understand the importance of certifications and provide a wide selection that will fit your project needs. We welcome innovative briefs and will supply a number of different options in response, working until you feel you have the perfect formula. So let us create exactly what’s in your mind – or we can supply concepts – and then guide you on types of packaging to suit.

We produce products for men, women, children and babies.


We have no limits!


All our bath creams, foams and lotions can be infused with unexpected and original fragrances to create an extra special dimension to your project. Gorgeous textures and delicious scents go hand-in-hand when creating the perfect product. Organic and certified are also available.

We know how to make great scrubs that will perfectly exfoliate and gently polish the skin while feeling like an at-home spa. Choose from a range of grains, textures, fragrances and packaging to create your personalized product. Some of our most popular scrubs are the certified organic body scrub and the peeling scrub.

We can create that extra special formula! Perhaps it’s just the right amount of softly foaming bubbles, the way the wash or gel smoothly spreads on application from top to toe, or the tantalizing fragrance experience offered. We also see soaps having a new lease of life, there’s a return to this more classic way of cleansing, with a modern aesthetic of course.


We create all types of bath oils with the single aim to provide the experience of wellbeing and enjoyment. For this to be maximum we consider the perfect texture and the finest scent together and tick the box for pure pampering!


Outside is as
importatn as inside

Make sure you give the same detailed attention to your packaging as you do for the formula. The success of your new product will depend on both elements. We make tailor-made solutions. This means we create exactly what you’ve imagined, or we can supply design concepts created specifically to meet your individual brief. Always completely unique to you.

Products can be expressed in various ways. We have a multitude of specific solutions with your choice of:

  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Printing
  • Pump / Spray
  • Lid
  • Design / Artwork
  • And many other specific solutions.

We know how to create a modern classic as well as having our fingers on the pulse of the trends for now and for the future. We have a large selection of organic packaging and are certification specialists. In collaboration with you, we choose and produce just the right packaging in relation to content, quantity and required delivery time.


Do you want certified products?

We are specialists in making certified formulations.
We work closely with the various providers within Certifications.

Our knowledge gets your product moving.

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