Frank Birkegaard has been manufacturing private label brands for the last twenty years and is now bringing his various companies together under a single name. SixFive Beauty Group will be this new name.

SixFive Beauty Group is thus ready to enter even more markets and expand on the basis of high-end private label brands. The company is currently well-known under the name of CareCon, which encompasses major brands, such as Dennis Knudsen, Rønsbøl, Jan Thomas and Stuhr.

In recent years, the company has become a specialist in advising and designing new brands from start to finish. It is no longer just a manufacturing company that produces products to order, as it now also provides advice about packaging, logistics, brand attitude and design; in other words, the entire process of bringing the customer’s imagination into the product and taking care of the process of building a brand.

“So far, we have employed the expertise from the various companies, I already own. But now we are bringing everything together under a single name, to better demonstrate what we are able to supply to our customers. We want to signal that placing an order with us does not just mean ordering a brand with a specific shape or colour. Our company is a place of collaboration, where we make sure that the customer’s real-life requirements become a realisation of their dream of a successful brand,” says CEO Frank Birkegaard.

The team behind SixFive Beauty Group has seen a lot of success by getting to grips with customers’ concepts for the brand and by allowing the brand to become personal, containing the customer’s required DNA. But it is just as important to create brands that are profitable, so that the customer can use them to do good business. SixFive Beauty Group will continue to focus on this expertise.

“Every component that is part of a brand is important. We persist until the customer is satisfied. And we have experts within all the required fields. We have collaborated within the various different companies for some years now. The merger as SixFive Beauty Group will see us become a single unit that will be even more profitable, thanks to our employees’ specialisations in fragrance, consistency, packaging, finances and logistics,” says Frank Birkegaard.

He will continue as group CEO and the employee base will also remain the same. The new group name, SixFive Beauty Group, will take effect on 26 April 2019.

Further information:
Frank Birkegaard, CEO, SixFive Beauty Group – mobile (+45) 30 33 25 04