Sustainable packaging trends

The packaging is a big part of the brand’s DNA, and the packaging is one of the first impressions the consumer gets of your products. There are many different options for packaging, and it is crucial to choose the right type.
The most crucial elements for packaging are the design and function, but for brands with a sustainable plan, environmentally friendly packaging is a valuable part of the DNA.

Sustainable packaging for your private label skincare

Sustainable beauty isn’t only about making products with sustainable ingredients but making the packaging reusable and sustainable. 76% of the consumers are focusing on buying sustainable products. 

If you are in the process of developing a private label beauty product or brand, have you probably done some consideration about the type of packaging you would use. Many beauty brands choose to replace their regular packaging with sustainable options. 

Airless packaging

Airless packaging is designed with a system that prevents normal atmospheric air from coming in contact with the formulation inside the packaging.
Airless packaging works by creating a vacuum inside the bottle when pressing down on the pump, and a disc in the bottle rises and pushes the product out of the bottle.

Two types of airless packaging:

  • Bag in Bottle (plastic bottles or jars)
  • Piston System (plastic bottles)

Products in airless dispensers do often have a longer shelf life because the product is secure from coming in contact with atmospheric air. When air comes in contact with a formulation increases the risk of oxidation. The airless packaging also prevents the consumers from spreading bacteria to the products by scooping the product whit fingers since there is no entry into the product.

The airless technology ensures a minimum of product waste by allowing 98% of the formulation to be extracted from the bottle.

The sustainable aspect of airless packaging isn’t only because of its longer shelf life and lower product waste but also because of the opportunity of a refill system.
Airless packaging presents the opportunity for a refillable system where the inner container is disposable and replaceable, and the outer packaging is reusable, which allows the consumers to easily replace the inner container in the bottle with a new refill part and reuse the outer packaging.

The main benefits of airless packaging:

  • The same amount dispensed with each pump
  • Longer shelf life
  • The ability to pump the product from any angle
  • Refillable system

Refill packaging

The sustainable packaging trend that many beauty brands are turning their attention to is the refillable packaging solutions. Instead of single-use products and packaging, the refill concept minimizes the packaging waste and the throw-away culture by changing the way we use the packaging.

By reducing the packaging waste, refillable packaging lowers the environmental impact and allows the consumers to reuse their packaging more than once. It easily allows the consumers to reuse their packaging and refill the product at home.

With an easy refill system is it possible to replace the empty container and refill it with a new one without throwing the whole bottle out.
This refill system is great for skincare or makeup products, and the refill container can be made to fit the packaging. Refill packaging can also be made as refill bags which can be used for refilling larger products, such as shampoo, conditioner, or hand soap.

The main benefits of refill packaging:

  • Less packaging waste
  • Minimizing the environmental impact