SixFive Beauty Group will of course again have a large presence at the PLMA fair in Amsterdam 2023, where you will have the chance to meet a large part of the strong team behind SixFive Beauty Group.

There will be the opportunity to talk about the future products you imagine. There will be personnel from our R&D department, sales and packaging, purchasers and many more, whose attendance is for the sole purpose of ensuring that you, the customer, receives the best advice and guidance.

You will be able to see many of the luxurious and inspiring products we have made for many of our customers both new and old, as well as our finished solutions, with their appealing and timeless designs. For SixFive Beauty Group, it is important that the customer should become part of our team and that you receive the best and most competent advice when creating a new brand.

We will be happy to tell you about our new brand name, which has a very special meaning in terms of how we all can function and what is actually needed.

Find us at booth no. 1706 in Randstadhall at the PLMA fair in Amsterdam.