We develop and design your product concept in collaboration with you. We make all types of Haircare, with no restrictions. Here, we work towards all types of certifications.

SixFive Beauty Group has no restrictions about what we can produce for you. We work in all areas of Hair Care and our R&D department comes up with products every single day.

We are always looking for the ultimate and the best quality for our customers. We develop and manufacture all types of Hair Care products, so if you are looking for: shampoos, conditioners, products for colour-treated hair, hair sprays, dry shampoo etc., we can assure that we are your best partner for products, development and packaging.

We always strive for the ultimate when it comes to development and we are very proud to provide every type of product within the latest trends, as regards scents, packaging, certifications etc.

We have made Hair Care products for the last twenty years and possess the right know-how that allows us to continue developing these products and to create something completely unique for our customers.

We produce tailor-made solutions. Put simply, we produce exactly what you have imagined. This can be expressed in various ways, such as: packaging, raw materials, labelling, printing, pumps, lids and many other specific solutions.