Save sick days with good hand hygiene

Maintaining good hand hygiene is still a necessity, and there are millions of sick days to save yearly by continuing good hygiene habits. The Danish trade organization Kosmetik & Hygiejnebranchen have published a new analysis of the socio-economic potentials of good hand hygiene. The rapport shows that it is possible to reduce sick days by 1,6 million days a year, only by maintaining sanitizing and good hygiene habits from the corona crisis.

Avoid dry and irritated hands

The majority of us have experienced that the skin on our hands gets red, dry, and flaky when we use an alcohol-based sanitizer regularly. For some people can the irritations lead to the beginning of developing eczema, and it can be uncomfortable to use alcohol-based sanitizers on the broken skin.

But does it really mean that we have to compromise on our skin to obtain good hand hygiene? No, it does not.

We have developed a water-based disinfectant. That means you can disinfect your hands and surfaces without compromising on your skin.

The active ingredient in our water-based disinfections is DDAC (Didecyldimethylammonium chloride). It is a very effective ingredient, and it kills bacteria with 99,99% certainty.



Hand & Surfaces

Benefits of water-based disinfections

Disinfections are and will properly be a part of our life on an everyday level. Therefore, are the choice of disinfectant not indifferent. Choosing water-based disinfection will still fight bacteria just as well as alcohol-based.

The benefits of our water-based disinfections:

  • Gentle on the skin
  • Allergy Certified
  • Fragrance-free
  • EN 1500 verified
  • EN 14476 verified
  • Non-alcohol – no fire hazard

We can develop the products in your brand name or, you can use our band name Mediform.