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We have developed and manufactured many products for your home, office or store.
We develop all types of Home Care products, so if you are looking for Fragrance Diffusers, Room Spray, Scented Candles etc., we are your new partner. 

We are always looking for the ultimate and best quality for the products. We always strive for excellence in development and we take great pride in delivering all products within the latest trends when we talk about fragrances, packaging etc. 

We have manufactured Home Care products for the last 20 years and have the right know-how to allow us to continue to develop our products and create something completely unique for you.

We have made Home care products for the last 20 years and have the right know-how that we can continue to develop on the products and create what is completely unique to our customers.


We have no limits!


Fragrances for the house or shop


Fragrances for the house, home, rooms


Fragrance candles in many varieties


The outside
count as well

The success of your next product, depends on the design of packaging. We make Taylor Made solutions – This means that we create exactly what you dream of, which can be expressed in different ways with your choice of

  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Label
  • Print
  • Pump
  • Lid
  • Design / Artwork
  • And many other specific solutions.

We follow the trends of the time and we have the right know-how for creating what is completely unique to our customers. We have a large selection of organic packaging, and are specialized in certifications. In cooperation with you we choose and produce the right packaging in relation to content, quantity and required delivery time. 

We are here to take your ideas and realize them into a finished product

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